Collection: Water Resistant Wall Panels

Hidrofugo moisture-resistant MDF stands out as an exceptional choice for various applications, particularly in bathroom and wall paneling projects. Unlike standard MDF, Hidrofugo MDF is engineered with special additives and manufacturing techniques that impart superior resistance to moisture and humidity.

This moisture-resistant quality makes it ideal for environments prone to high humidity levels, such as bathrooms. Traditional MDF may swell, warp, or degrade when exposed to moisture, leading to structural integrity issues and compromised aesthetics. In contrast, Hidrofugo MDF maintains its dimensional stability and strength even in damp conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.

Moreover, Hidrofugo moisture-resistant MDF's robust composition minimizes the risk of mold and mildew growth, further enhancing its suitability for bathroom panelling. Its ability to withstand moisture makes it an excellent choice for areas where water exposure is frequent, providing peace of mind to homeowners and designers alike.

Beyond its functional benefits, Hidrofugo MDF also excels in decorative applications, particularly for wall panelling projects. Its smooth surface allows for precise machining and finishing, enabling intricate designs and seamless installations. Whether painted, veneered, or laminated, Hidrofugo MDF offers a flawless canvas for various decorative treatments, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of interior spaces.

In summary, Hidrofugo moisture-resistant MDF surpasses conventional MDF in performance and versatility, making it an optimal choice for bathroom panelling and wall panelling applications. Its resistance to moisture, durability, and suitability for decorative finishes position it as a premier material for creating stylish and functional interiors.



What are your wall panels made from?

They are all are made from high-quality MDF, so are long lasting and have a smooth finish. Our paintable panels are also moisture-resistant, so can be used in any room, including bathrooms and kitchens.

Can they be customised for specific dimensions?

Absolutely! Our panelling is available in a diverse range of sizes and thicknesses. They can also be easily cut to fit your room's precise dimensions without compromising the design.

How do I clean and maintain the longevity of my wood panelling?

Regularly dust them with a soft, damp cloth, avoiding abrasive materials to preserve their beauty and longevity.

Can I order samples before making a final decision?

Of course! We offer samples for all our designs and they are delivered within two working days. They're a perfect way to envision how our panelling will complement your space.

Do you offer free delivery?

Yes, we offer FREE delivery on all orders. Expect an estimated lead time of 5 - 7 working days, as each panel is made to order.

How does the wall panelling arrive?

Rest assured, it's shipped in protective boxes, ensuring it reaches you safely and securely.

Why is the MDF green on some of the panels?

Some of our range are made from Hidrofugo moisture-resistant MDF, known for its characteristic green core. While this core is exposed during machining, it does not impact the surface or painting process of the product.

Are your panels suitable for bathrooms or kitchens?

Yes, our paintable panels are moisture-resistant so can be used in any space, including your bathroom or kitchen.