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Mini Ribbed Wall Panels

Mini Ribbed Wall Panels

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Our premium Mini Ribbed Wall Panels are a cost-effective way of instantly transforming your living or commercial space.

They are made to order in the UK using Finsa Hidrofugo Moisture Resistant MDF, so can be used in any space, including your bathroom or kitchen.

Thickness: choose between 12mm and 18mm thick wall panels, depending on your specific design preferences, application requirements, and the overall aesthetic you wish to achieve.

    Easy to install: cut (if needed), lightly sand, prime and paint in your chosen colour. Mount and secure with grab adhesive. Full step-by-step here.

    These decorative wall panels can either cover an entire space, or be strategically placed to make a bold statement and captivate attention towards a specific area within the space.

    Not ready to commit yet? Order a Mini Ribbed Sample.

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    What are your wall panels made of?

    Our paintable panels are made from premium MDF. They are moisture-resistant, so can be used in any room, including bathrooms and kitchens.

    Can your panelling be customised for specific dimensions?

    Absolutely! They are available in a diverse range of sizes and thicknesses. They can also be easily cut to fit your room's precise dimensions without compromising the design.

    How do I clean and maintain the longevity of the panels?

    Maintaining our panels is a breeze. Regularly dust them with a soft, damp cloth, avoiding abrasive materials to preserve their beauty and longevity.

    Is your panelling suitable for residential and commercial spaces?

    Definitely! Our designs are suitable for various spaces, including homes, offices, and retail establishments. Whether you're enhancing a living room or revitalising a corporate space, our panels are crafted to complement diverse environments.

    Can I order samples before making a final decision?

    Of course! We offer samples for all our designs and they are delivered within two working days. They're a perfect way to envision how our panelling will complement your space.

    Do you offer free delivery?

    Yes, we offer FREE delivery on all orders. Expect an estimated lead time of 5 - 7 working days, as each panel is made to order.

    How do the panels arrive?

    Rest assured, they are shipped in protective boxes, ensuring they reach you safely and securely.

    Are the panels pre-painted?

    No, they will require a gentle sanding, priming, and painting before achieving their final finished look.

    Why is the MDF green?

    Our panels are made from Hidrofugo moisture-resistant MDF, known for its characteristic green core. While this core is exposed during machining, it does not impact the surface or painting process of the product.


    Welcome to Panels by Sofia, the home of beautiful, moisture-resistant wall panels in the UK. Our family-run business takes pride in creating premium wall panelling, perfect for both residential and commercial spaces.

    Our made-to-order MDF wall panels are designed to withstand moisture, making them ideal for your bathroom or kitchen. Say goodbye to worries about water damage – our moisture-resistant panels offer both style and durability, elevating any space.

    At Panels by Sofia, we understand the importance of quality and convenience. That's why we offer free express delivery on all our wall panelling, so you can get started on your DIY project as soon as possible.

    Transform your interior spaces with our premium wall panels today. Browse our collection and discover the perfect solution for your home or business.