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How to make a Shaker Wall

Shaker Walls are all the rage right now. Not only because they have the ability to completely transform your space, but they're also really cost-effective and actually quite simple to install. 

Here's our fool-proof guide to making a beautiful Shaker Wall, in five simple steps.

Step 1. Materials - make sure you’ve got everything you need, including your Shaker Wall Panelling Kit, adhesive, tape measure, level, saw, sandpaper, and paint. Plus remember to take a before photo if you’re wanting to show off your handy work 💁🏼‍♀️📸.

Step 2. Design - measure your wall from side to side and top to bottom, choose your horizontal and vertical spacing and cut your strips to measure. Sketch it out on paper before penciling your design on the wall, using your level. A laser level isn’t essential but will make your life easier.

Step 3. Mount your strips - apply adhesive to the back of your MDF strips and position them on the wall. Start by bordering the edges and follow your design - double check with a level that everything is straight and take your time to make sure each piece fits snugly.

Step 4. Sand and Paint - use sandpaper to smooth any rough edges and create a polished finish. This step is key to create a professional look. Then paint your MDF strips and wall in your chosen colour 🎨.

Step 5. Sit back, have a cuppa and admire your amazing handy work ☕️✨👏🏼

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