How to install your wall panels

How to install your wall panels

  1. Prepare Surface: Clean and dry the wall. Remove any debris or old wallpaper.

  2. Measure and Cut: Measure the wall panel area, cut if needed using appropriate tools.

  3. Apply Adhesive: Generously apply No More Nails to the back of the panel.

  4. Position and Align: Place the panel on the wall, align with level lines, and adjust as needed.

  5. Secure Temporarily: Use tape or supports to hold the panel in place while the adhesive sets.

  6. Allow Drying: Follow adhesive instructions for drying time (usually hours to overnight).

  7. Remove Supports: Take off temporary supports and ensure the panel is securely attached.

  8. Finish and Seal: Apply sealant along edges, touch up gaps, and match the finish.

  9. Clean Up: Wipe away excess adhesive with a damp cloth. Scrape dried adhesive carefully.

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